Senin, 10 Februari 2014

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You know where to find the greatest treasure of the known world?

On the island of Manhattan, New York, lies a huge treasure that many residents are not even aware, and that is in one of the busiest places in the city, in particular, its financial district. It is the largest concentration of gold in the world, where they accumulate about 25% of official gold reserves worldwide.
Yes, as much as I wish its inhabitants, anyone who is not authorized can see them as they are 25 or 15 feet below ground under the sea level in a basement perfect as it is pure rock. Not surprisingly, the bedrock on which rests Manhattan is a real guarantee of safety, because it is one of the few bases that are considered appropriate to support the weight of all the ingots and the tremendous bunker in which lies the only gateway to gold. With these security measures are kept 266 million troy ounces (8,273 tonnes) of gold bullion spread over 12.5 kilograms each. A current change of $ 1,385.20 per ounce, the value of the treasure that the Federal Reserve is keeping EUR 368 410 million, equivalent to 30% of the Spanish GDP. Yes, and treasure hunters can go to forget about it, because to access it without being seen just have to drill rock thickness causing the noise would be heard over 2 miles away. We’ll have to settle for knowing that underneath the ground we walk in New York, we have a treasure whose value would serve to draw from the crisis many countries, let alone businesses and families.

Fast loans , an alternative to the lack of funding

The credit drought is affecting us as an evidence. Families and entire companies are forced to make real juggling to keep its cash balances intact or slightly damaged . Month to month , the Bank of Spain statistics show a continuing decline in loans while we are seeing a fairly significant depreciation of existing . We are witnessing a genuine process of deleveraging , while difficult necessary.
Are there alternatives to this lack of funding to meet upcoming payments ? Of course there are, but are more complicated. These include quick concession credits for payments under a new funding formula whose most important feature is the ability to get a certain amount of money in a short time , as we see in page where it is possible to obtain a loan directly from the same site and in just 15 minutes. Obviously , these new formulas for obtaining credit are designed to meet lower payments , ie , to meet short-term liabilities , rather than as a method of fixed asset financing . In fact , one of the biggest problems that many enterprises , especially smaller ones, is the need to meet short-term payments , which is bringing thousands of companies in our country to bankruptcy or outright bankrupt.

The corporate insolvency as responsible for the lack of business credit

If we did a small survey citizens about the responsibility of the insolvency of many families and businesses and credit drought , it is likely that the result is mostly blame the lender. However, although it is possible that banks have acted badly at times ( in the case of preference , for example) , it is rarely the lender who has to assume full responsibility for the bad investment.

Specifically , we tend to blame the financial institutions of the lack of credit and lack of refinancing or debt restructuring , which leads to many companies , mainly small to insolvency without remedy , but the latest data on rate delinquency Official credit Institute (ICO ) , in which two of every five loans made by the credit agency defaults on some lines end , suggest otherwise.
Based on these data , it is conceivable if , contrary to what we are told from the mainstream media , the credit crunch has less to do with bank insolvency , and the lack of confidence in the debtors , especially business . That the ICO , public entity granting loans to SMEs that can not get by other means, has the highest delinquency rate among all financial institutions , including Bank , and the fact that it is producing the phenomenon known as crowding out , ie that they are devoting resources to finance current spending on public sector rather than productive investments, in addition to the financial cost per loan highest in Europe , demonstrate this theory.
While not produce the necessary deleveraging process will be very difficult to restore that trust. Businesses and families are so indebted that financial institutions do not want to grant more credit until they have some assurance that they will repay the debts. And that , not even a bank recapitalization and liquidation fix it . Credit depends on trust and this , in turn , to demonstrate solvency. If any of them fails, the credit tap remain closed .

Minggu, 09 Februari 2014

Internet Banking : characteristics and recommendations for choosing

Online banks have proliferated in recent years with the rise of the Internet , but not to be confused with electronic banking services additionally offer most financial institutions, including natural or traditional . Describe the main features that define them and what aspects must be evaluated to decide to hire a product or other entity. Replacing the traditional office virtual office , with safety and operability The main difference from traditional banking is saving maintenance costs and rent or possession of premises , staff , insurance, etc. . so that these benefits can impact on the customer , both in features and lower cost or free services offered , as in the advantages we gain customers. Advantages such as not having to travel to the office or to operate from anywhere with internet access at any time , but always maintaining a series of logical security measures , we also must provide the platform for that entity , and to operate quietly and have the same options of operation if we were to our office life ( order transfers , consult and perform moves , contracting products have help managers … ) .
However, in many cases, some entities have physical offices in addition , such as ING Direct, and are also well-known virtual offices or branches which, although dependent on a traditional institution , have full autonomy : tuBancaja in the case of Bancaja , Ibanesto with Banesto , Activobank with Grupo Banco Sabadell Atl├íntico , Banco popular – and Spanish popular Bank Group , etc. . and on the other hand, the electronic banking service that the vast majority of institutions offer to keep up . Profitability of products and no commissions Result of this is the reduction of costs , which must be translated into better products and no fees for customers. An entity will be more competitive the more profitable than products offered : savings accounts or paid , deposits, lower interest loans , mortgages more attractive cards , discounts or rebates by direct payroll , and of course, another priority is the total absence of commissions , whether maintenance or administration of the account, transfers the renewal and tenure cards, etc. . so in short, all impact on our savings to grow .