Minggu, 09 Februari 2014

Internet Banking : characteristics and recommendations for choosing

Online banks have proliferated in recent years with the rise of the Internet , but not to be confused with electronic banking services additionally offer most financial institutions, including natural or traditional . Describe the main features that define them and what aspects must be evaluated to decide to hire a product or other entity. Replacing the traditional office virtual office , with safety and operability The main difference from traditional banking is saving maintenance costs and rent or possession of premises , staff , insurance, etc. . so that these benefits can impact on the customer , both in features and lower cost or free services offered , as in the advantages we gain customers. Advantages such as not having to travel to the office or to operate from anywhere with internet access at any time , but always maintaining a series of logical security measures , we also must provide the platform for that entity , and to operate quietly and have the same options of operation if we were to our office life ( order transfers , consult and perform moves , contracting products have help managers … ) .
However, in many cases, some entities have physical offices in addition , such as ING Direct, and are also well-known virtual offices or branches which, although dependent on a traditional institution , have full autonomy : tuBancaja in the case of Bancaja , Ibanesto with Banesto , Activobank with Grupo Banco Sabadell Atl├íntico , Banco popular – and Spanish popular Bank Group , etc. . and on the other hand, the electronic banking service that the vast majority of institutions offer to keep up . Profitability of products and no commissions Result of this is the reduction of costs , which must be translated into better products and no fees for customers. An entity will be more competitive the more profitable than products offered : savings accounts or paid , deposits, lower interest loans , mortgages more attractive cards , discounts or rebates by direct payroll , and of course, another priority is the total absence of commissions , whether maintenance or administration of the account, transfers the renewal and tenure cards, etc. . so in short, all impact on our savings to grow .

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