Senin, 10 Februari 2014

Fast loans , an alternative to the lack of funding

The credit drought is affecting us as an evidence. Families and entire companies are forced to make real juggling to keep its cash balances intact or slightly damaged . Month to month , the Bank of Spain statistics show a continuing decline in loans while we are seeing a fairly significant depreciation of existing . We are witnessing a genuine process of deleveraging , while difficult necessary.
Are there alternatives to this lack of funding to meet upcoming payments ? Of course there are, but are more complicated. These include quick concession credits for payments under a new funding formula whose most important feature is the ability to get a certain amount of money in a short time , as we see in page where it is possible to obtain a loan directly from the same site and in just 15 minutes. Obviously , these new formulas for obtaining credit are designed to meet lower payments , ie , to meet short-term liabilities , rather than as a method of fixed asset financing . In fact , one of the biggest problems that many enterprises , especially smaller ones, is the need to meet short-term payments , which is bringing thousands of companies in our country to bankruptcy or outright bankrupt.

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